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Celestial Falcon #1 Cover E "Girl Power" Variant
Last Ember Press

Celestial Falcon #1 Cover E "Girl Power" Variant

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Celestial Falcon #1 Deluxe Edition Limited "Girl Power" Variant!

There is an unseen war raging just beneath the surface about to bubble over. A war that has lasted for centuries and is about to come to a head. New warriors are needed to fight and defend the world in this war, and those heroes come from places you'd least expect.

Chris always felt like something was missing, that there was more to his life. Something greater he was meant to do. When a mysterious stranger comes into his and his friends' lives, he learns he was right and everything changes. 

This is the Epic Story of Celestial Falcon.

This extra-sized first issue contains 32 interior pages, including a 20-page main story, 4-page back-story and additional back matter delving deeper into the world of Celestial Falcon!

The backup story expands on each of the six main characters before they get together for a beach hang.

 Who Is Celestial Falcon For? 

  • Fans of Superhero Comics like Spider-Man, Superman,  Teen Titans and Invincible.
  • If you like coming of age stories and relatable characters.
  • Collectors who like high quality independent comics from up-and-coming creators passionate about what they do.
  • If you like stories that give you action, drama, comedy and expanded universes with a supernatural twist, then you'll love Celestial Falcon!

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The Creators Behind Celestial Falcon

Created by Chris DiBuduo
Written by: Chris DiBuduo & Brant Fowler
Pencils by: Lucas Santos
Inks, Colors & "Cute" Cover Variant by: Lisa Moore
Letters & Logo by: Brant Fowler
Backup Story Pencils by: Lucas Santos, Rowel Roque and Riccardo Faccini