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Pneumatic Cases #3 (of 4) Cover B - K Lynn Smith
Last Ember Press

Pneumatic Cases #3 (of 4) Cover B - K Lynn Smith

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Pneumatic Cases: A Story of Deduction, Seduction, Death and Pistons

Issue 3 of 4

Limited Edition K. Lynn Smith Variant Cover!

Lord and Lady Ravenscroft are two brilliant scientists and inventors whose Bohemian lifestyle and inventive ways are in direct contrast to the staid and proper ways of Victorian Era London.

Served faithfully by their steam driven metallic Major Domo, Pneuman, and armed with a variety of elaborate self-created inventions, the Ravenscrofts pursue the one vocation that brings excitement into their world... solving murders!


"Rude Awakenings"

Lord and Lady Ravenscroft were brought in to help solve the murder of Jeffrey Blake, an upper class member of a Gentleman's Club. Getting closer to the truth, the Ravenscrofts faced their fate before nearly escaping.

"From Austria With Love"

While helping solve the murder of Gentleman’s Club member Jeffrey Blake, the clues lead Lord and Lady Ravenscroft to Austria where they tangled with a surgically reanimated man and nearly found their fate in a fire!


"Claws to My Heart"

The sleuths head to Romania to discover what type of vile creature is murdering the townspeople, and how that is connected to the larger mystery at hand.

 Who Is Pneumatic Cases For? 

  • Fans of mystery and suspense stories will love Pneumatic Cases!
  • Gears, pistons and automatons!
  • If you like a little Science Fiction tossed in with your Steampunk fare, this book is for you!
  • If you're a fan of travel across the European landscape, you'll love going with the Ravenscrofts as they track down a murderer!

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The Creators Behind Pneumatic Cases

Creator/Writer: John Wilson 
Pencils and Inks: Rowel Roque 
Colors: Lisa Moore 
Letters: Clay Adams
Logo: Brant Fowler